Malatesta Maison

A luxurious destination in the heart of Le Marche Italy

Pool at Malatesta Maison Italy
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Client: Malatesta Maison

Photography: Beck Photography

Having been contacted by the owners of Malatesta Maison in le Marche, the goal was to capture a full set of photography for the interiors and architecture, including editorial-style photos for marketing with the sleeping quarters lightly staged.

We also set out to capture various use scenarios of this property both inside and throughout the sprawling grounds.

Malatesta Maison is available for short term rent, designed by MGARK, Michele Gambato Architect, and completed in 2011.

Dining Room Malatesta Maison in Italy

Malatesta Maison is a stunning fusion of modern architecture and rustic stone exteriors.

Malatesta Maison in Le Marche Italy is the result of 3 ancient ruins, unused for some time, completely rebuilt to blend in with the environment. Reinterpreted in a contempory way while incorporating traditional materials, it offers a luxurious yet completely relaxed stay in the marchiagian hills.

Sunset building architecture Le Marche Italy
Architectural photo of blue pool in Italy

Malatesta Maison is surrounded by spacious grounds in a secluded position amongst the hills near Pergola

There are endless places around the grounds of Malatesta to relax with views of the stunning surroundings. The infinity pool and wellness area are a highlight of the property. During the project, with the help of my assistant, we staged the areas for aperitivo and relaxing to highlight the possibilities on offer for guests of this luxury villa complex.
A harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication
Perhaps unusual for high end luxury properties in Italy, Malatesta Maison encompasses a modern and minimalist design inside the property, blending perfectly with the traditional local stone exterior. The result is very chic, modernist, yet tranquil. The Corton Steel window frames, with their exposed rusted finish, blend the modern interior with the rustic exterior seamlessly. Inside, the archtecture is bright and airy, with beautiful use of angles throughout. It provides the perfect canvas for the owners to apply their own finishing touches.
architectural photo of sitting area in modern italian house
A highlight of the property is the infinity pool and wellness area, with unobstructed views of the surrounding Marche countryside.

There’s no doubt that when people dream of Italy, they often picture Tuscan villas set among rolling hills with inviting pools. At Malatesta Maison, the pool and wellness area complete that dream perfectly with a stunning infinity pool, just set in the somewhat less famous but no less beautiful region of Le Marche.

orange sunset sky and infinity pool in italy
The little details, the highlights, and the amazing opportunities to enjoy the various areas.
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To book a stay or find out more about Malatesta Maison visit:
Malatesta Maison.

Archtect: MGARK, Michele Gambato Architetto

Photography by Nicholas Beck © Beck Photography (Italy).  For licensing and other inquiries, contact me via email.

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