Personal Branding Photography and Candid Portraits in Italy

Hi, I'm Nick, a personal branding photographer based in Italy. I help people build their personal brands or simply tell their unique story with candid photography.

Marco Cesandri Artist Genga Le Marche

If you live in Italy, do business in Italy, or are just here for a vacation; there really are few better places to tell your story.





Italy is the best studio in the World

People often ask where is the best places to visit in Italy, but the reality is there is amazing stuff absolutely everywhere you go.  It’s truly endless. So whatever your story is or whatever you want to build your brand around there is something here. Whether it’s high fashion and luxury, mountains, sea, quaint cafes or medieval alleys; there is a quintessential Italian scene perfect for your branding or candid portrait shoot.


Italy is really hot as a destination and a product

It’s a really good idea to leverage that. There are thousands of searches every day for all things Italy, and content involving this beautiful nation is regularly going viral. It makes sense to jump on that momentum and capture yourself going about your business or adventures while in Italy. There’s no doubt about it, Italy sells.

Applications / Services

Everybody has a personal brand these days, whether they realise it or not. It really makes sense to be the one in control of your personal narrative; a set of personal branding photos is a strategic investment in that direction. And what better place than Italy to tell your story!





Personal Branding photos for those serious about their online brand

Personal branding photography is a way to stand out and differentiate yourself online. Used across your online and offline presence, they are a fantastic way to create a consistent image and give your potential clients the chance to get to know what you are about, while at the same time looking great.

My goal is to create beautiful and natural candid portraits of you in Italy. We will incorporate as much of your story, the environment, and your products as possible throughout your set of professional photographs.

People who view your photos want to get to know you. The best modern marketers give people the opportunity to do that and let their personalities shine through. I aim to capture your story in a way that corporate headshots just can’t.





Candid photos of you looking amazing while travelling in Italy

Italy is a once in a lifetime destination for many, and such a dream location to capture photos. While selfies can be great, it is a great idea to get something more special; whether just for memories, to use on social media or for your blog. 





Marketing photos, documentary and editorial with you as the star in action while in Italy

Get a set of beautiful and consistent photos to uses in your marketing and articles. A set of editorial and documentary style photos of you and your business activities while in Italy are great to stand out in your marketing online, to use for digital PR, approaches to magazines and blogs etc.

We can create a plan to capture you, perhaps with your suppliers or customers, while including your products or services to get your story across in an stunning way.

About personal branding photography and candid portraits in Italy

Where do I work?

I’m based between Le Marche in central Italy and Piemonte in the north. Le Marche, Umbria, Tuscany, Piemonte, and Lombardia are all easily covered. 

I am, however, happy to work anywhere in Italy, so just get in touch, and we can make it happen.

Why you need personal branding portraits?

We live in a changing world where fixed permanent employment is decreasing, even without the intervention of AI. In this context, one of the most valuable things you can develop is your personal brand.

The very successful tech investor and modern-day philosopher Naval Ravikant puts it nicely: we are trending towards a world of 7 billion businesses, meaning everyone will likely be working for themselves in the future.

This is even more true if you are a foreigner in Italy, where wages are famously low while the traditional employment route is much harder.

Despite all this, whether you live in Italy or are just visiting, there is a huge opportunity to build your personal brand in this popular country.

There is a wall of people, money, and search traffic looking for all things Italy, talking about Italy, or coming to Italy.

Positioning yourself and your personal brand to take advantage of this demand is a great opportunity.  Having professional photos on your website, across your social media, on your LinkedIn, in your marketing materials, etc. is a big step in the right direction. I work with brands that put a lot of effort into crafting the image of their founder, so I know what works.

It’s natural, candid shots of you interacting with your environment, perhaps with clients or your tools – whatever it is you do. I like to get as much story into the shots as we can to capture your personality in a natural way.

The stale corporate headshot is a bit dead, in my opinion; people want to get to know you. Modern marketing is based on relationship building, even if it only starts as a virtual one. So, what are you waiting for? Drop me a message and let’s brainstorm some ideas for your very own shoot.

I'm just in Italy for a holiday but I need something much better than a selfie

A vacation in Italy can be a once-in-a lifetime experience, so it’s a fantastic idea to capture something a little more special. Whether it’s for memories or simply to create some insta-bangers, candid professional shots in what is surely the best studio in the world – Italy, are a great idea.

I’m happy to help capture something unique from your trip to Italy. 

Document your business trip to Italy. Capture stunning content to use across your marketing channels.

Business trips to Italy make great stories for marketing and PR purposes.

Whether visiting your suppliers or sourcing goods and opportunities, a set of photos documenting your trip in an editorial and story-telling way will really appeal to your customers and followers.

People love stories, and they definitely love Italy, so a set of professional photos documenting your activities while visiting is a fantastic resource in your marketing arsenal.

Editorial photography in Italy for Italian based entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers.

A beautiful way to get your story across to prospective clients is to use editorial photos, which are not only visually compelling, they capture your story and personality.

I’m super excited about people’s business stories in Italy; it’s such a fantastic adventure to launch a venture in the land of the dulce vita. I know millions of people scrolling online are interested in what you do too.

Despite the obstacles, I truly believe that, as a business owner in Italy, you have a unique opportunity.

Italy is in demand, filled with beautiful architecture, history, scenery, food, and weather; there is so much to take advantage of in your marketing.

Editorial photos in Italy can capture your entire story, such as your suppliers, their environment, your premises, your customers, your products, etc.  Whatever it is, let’s craft your story in a unique way that get’s noticed.

Elevate your social media with beautiful content from Italy. Italy is Hot, Hot, Hot.

Italy is hot right now as a destination; perhaps it always has been. It is associated with quality, design, lifestyle, architecture, sun, and fantastic food.

There’s no doubt that being associated with Italy can give a huge boost to your personal brand.

I’ve forgotten how many times people tell me I’m living the dream. It never occurred to me that I was ever living my dream; my life in Italy evolved rather than starting with any grand vision or design.

But I’ve come to realise I am living other people’s dreams, and you probably are too.

The demand for Italy is huge. People are searching for it, talking about it, and stopping their scroll in it’s tracks to take in all things Italy. There’s no doubt that having beautiful content about yourself in Italy will boost engagement and your profile. Italy is a feel-good story, and positioning yourself as someone who is living and working the dream in Italy can have huge benefits for your brand. You can leverage all the feel-good factors Italy portrays, because right now, Italy is hot, hot, hot!

But I don't like getting my photo taken!

I hear you, I am completely the same and really don’t enjoy being in front of the camera that much.  I started doing professional photographs of people more by request rather than by design. People would come and ask me to take their photos becasue they wanted candid photos. Nick we like your photos because they are natural, we don’t want any posing, we just want someone to capture the moment. So that is what I aim to do. We can have a good chat, I’m sure a few laughs and before you know it we will have some great shots of you going about your thing in Italy. Tranquillo!

Founder Annie Abbott of Habbot Shoes from Australia in factory in Italy
Photoshoot with shoe designer and founder Annie Abbott of Habbot Shoes from Australia. The assignment was to capture a lot of personal branding material, documentary and editorial shots of Annie while on business in Italy.
Beekeeper in the Italian Alps
Some jobs are more dangerous than others. Branding photos for a beekeeper producing artisan honey in the Italian alps.
Picture of a girl and fiat 500 at Italian Vineyard
Italy has the perfect combination of scenery, architecture, weather, and props to capture amazing stories.

How does it work?

Let's have a chat.

Let’s get to know each other and whether we are a good fit to work together. I can get to know your vision & goals for the shoot, as well as what you want to achieve.

It gives me a chance to get to know your brand, and most importantly, I can get to know you.

It’s helpful if you have some ideas in mind. You can share with me some examples on Pinterest or elsewhere. If not, don’t worry; we can start coming up with a theme together.

I get to know your brand

I will do my research and look at your existing content and any other material you have in mind to really get a feel for your brand. If you don’t have anything yet because you are in the process of creating one, that is ok too. I will use whatever information you have given me and start preparing a plan.

Shot list

We will put together a shot list to make sure we get all the essential photos. This will by no means be exhaustive; there will be plenty of in-between candid shots, but it’s useful to have a plan to start with.

Let's plan your day

We can choose some locations, discuss what to wear, and discuss any props we need to organise. Then, we can book some dates and look forward to a fun day out in Italy.

That sounds like a lot; can't we just take some photos?

That’s okay too. I often work with families, individuals, or couples who just want me to turn up and take some very candid photos of them doing whatever it is they are up to that day. I’m happy to run along with that too; we will still capture amazing stuff, completely natural and unscripted.

Who is Nick?

Nick is an internationally experienced photographer primarily based in Le Marche Italy, with a focus on property & interiors, as well as  lifestyle and personal branding for a range of clients in Italy. Originally from New Zealand, I know what it’s like to set up your life in a new country far from home. I’ve run an accommodation business in the UK and also shot photos for some of the leading estate Agents in England. Trained as an architecture photographer, I combine the skills honed through travel photography to offer a unique style. As a native English speaker, I love to help expats promote their businesses to the world with fresh, modern imagery.

When not taking photos you’ll find me skiing, hiking or biking, or probably sipping on a nice cold Verdicchio while enjoying a grigliata.

Enquiries and Bookings

Get in touch!

Tell me about your project, goals, or just ask any questions you may have.

Contact me via email: [email protected]

Send me a message on WhatsApp

Visit the contact page.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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Editorial photos for brochures and magazines

Candid holiday photos of your adventures

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What’s covered and what’s not in the Le Marche professional Airbnb Photography Packages?

Locations - Profesional Airbnb photography packages in Le Marche, Italy

The professional Airbnb photography packages are available in the following towns and villages and their surrounding areas:

Pergola, Senigallia, Ancona, Ostra, Arcevia, Jesi, Moie, Sassoferrato, Fano, Fabriano, Cingoli, Matelica, Cagli, Acquaviva, Apecchio, Acqualagna, Urbino, Cupramontana, Marotta, Marzocca, Falconara Marittima, Urbino, Urbania, Carteco, Lucrezia, Ponto sasso, Montecarotto, Serra de’ Conti, Palazzo, Loretello, Nidastore, Barbara, Ostra Vetere, Genga

If you don’t see your location listed here, or your property is located nearby to one of the places listed, please just get in touch to confirm whether your location is covered. For areas outside of those listed, a travel supplement may apply.

Acceptance of Bookings

Bookings are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email, or they have been confirmed over the phone or other method. While I will do my best to meet your requested date of booking, in certain cases this may not be possible and other dates may be proposed.  I reserve the right to turn down bookings where I am not able to provide the service for whatever reason.


Payment may be required to confirm your appointment, or upon delivery of the finished photos. 

Number of Photos Included

Standard Package – a minimum of 20 professionally captured and edited Airbnb photos which is the ideal number for an Airbnb or listing.

Go Large Package – A minimum of 30 professionally captured and edited Airbnb photos.  There will sometimes be more, depending on the type of property.

For extra photos or special requests, these will usually be charged as extra on a per photo basis fee.  I will do my best to confirm the costs before attending your property.